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Planning a home is such a personal endeavor that we survey our clients in depth to learn their likes and dislikes, so we can translate their personalities into architecture. We also explore each site carefully to look for optimal design opportunities based on natural influences, topography, views, and solar orientation. Our office can assist any client interested in LEED for Homes certification. While we have experience with large homes, our firm promotes a sustainable approach: smaller houses through efficient space planning, built with durable materials.

Nobody wants to feel like they live in a complex. Our emphasis on interior unit design helps create light, open living spaces that feel like home. Attention to construction details results in more energy-efficient living. The special requirements for multi-family residential, such as fire and acoustical separation, are carefully considered on each project.

Demand for long term care is presenting opportunities to create entirely new living environments. Non-institutional residential care that says “home” also must carefully integrate cutting edge healthcare technology. Our guiding design principle is an emphasis on individuality, privacy, and the dignity of each resident, resulting in a sense of place. Brewer Ingram Fuller designs long term care projects that are site specific and encourage interaction with the outdoors.

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