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Successful design projects for healthcare require careful coordination of patient needs, staff needs, rapidly changing technology, and economics. Foremost among our design goals is the promotion of physical and mental comfort for patients, realized in supportive, low-stress environments. Careful attention must be paid to privacy, patient flow, and choices of materials. Brewer Ingram Fuller has teamed with dozens of medical offices including family practice, ob/gyn, ambulatory surgery clinics, and MRI facilities. Our experience also includes the design of offices for dentistry.

Perhaps more than any other building type, religious facilities afford an opportunity for architects to provide creative, meaningful solutions for a diverse clientele. Whether planning a new campus or designing an addition, Brewer Ingram Fuller works closely with committees to consider ideas, build consensus and find smart ways to grow. We enjoy helping each congregation or parish find what is unique about its personality and setting, then expressing that quality through architecture.

Our designs for offices and retail spaces tend to be some of our most unique. These project types typically emphasize the importance of creating buildings and spaces that express the client’s individual identity, personality, and business philosophy.

Since we’re a general practice, our clients come from many fascinating backgrounds. When we design a library or museum we know the owner will demand a creative solution. But we like to bring a fresh outlook to all our buildings, whether we’re working on a fire station or a baseball clubhouse. Typically this starts with recording the client’s goals and needs and documenting specialized requirements—and with getting to know the site. Consultant teams are carefully selected when necessary to complement our own range of design services.

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